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Fight the endless waves of enemy ships to get the highest score in this fast paced space shooter!


You can choose from 3 ship types:

  • Agility
  • Commando
  • Tank

Each ship has 4 different special abilities you can use to help fight against your enemies. Killing enemies gives you points and killing bosses gives you weapon upgrades. Getting shot at and colliding with enemies hurt you, so be careful!


  • W/S - Thrust/Brake
  • A/D - Turn Left/Turn Right
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left Mouse - Shoot
  • Right Mouse - Ability 1
  • Q - Ability 2
  • E - Ability 3
  • Space - Ability 4
  • P/Escape - Pause Game

Enemy Ship Types

Grunt: Basic ship type that shoots bullets and nothing else.

Tank: Hefty ship that stays back and shoots hull piercing rockets.

Bomb: Wants to get as close as possible to you to deliver a nasty surprise.

Laser: Shoots laser balls that slow you down.

Stealth: Disappears into the darkness of space and lays mines.

Bosses: Appear every 10th wave so make sure you're ready!

Good luck and have fun! If you enjoy the game, consider donating. Every dollar you give will help us get our indie studio started!


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Spectrum Setup 59 MB